Welcome to Bremen!

Engraved in the stonework above the portal of the Schütting building, the headquarters of the Bremen Chamber of Commerce, there is a piece of Low German wisdom that has become proverbial in and around the city:

“Buten un binnen – wagen un winnen“.

This maxim translates – roughly – to “Outdoors and in, who dares will win”, and the spirit of enterprise it extols has over the years inspired many an aspiring merchant prince to seek his fortune in the markets of the Far East.

Strong commercial links between Bremen and a number of Asian countries were already long established before the first decade of the twentieth century. 

The Ostasiatischer Verein Bremen (OAV, or East Asian Association Bremen) bids all friends of the Far East a warm Hanseatic welcome to its website. Here you can read about the Association’s traditions and its charitable work in Asia and Bremen.

Bremen Town Hall (Rathaus)

Das Bremer Rathaus